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My Real Exhibition

My Real Exhibition

(Ahmad Yahya Husaini-Grade 6 PYP Al Firdaus)

Al Firdaus is my second home, my teacher is my second parent. This is a place where I can hone my wits and skills. My talent is growing in this school as well. I was a very shy boy since childhood. Slowly but sure, Al Firdaus changed it.

Since I was at TPP Al Firdaus, I was challenged to take part in a fashion show. Honestly, I was so afraid to go to the stage and had no idea how to walk on the catwalk at the moment. However, I had to beat those feelings. I muttered to myself, if I want to be successful I have to be brave. Therefore, I fought them. Finally, I could win the competition. I participated in so many challenges. I took part in several competitions in my city. Sometimes, I also joined national competitions and I even participated in international competitions. There were many people who have contributed at this time, they are Bunda Eni, Bunda Watik, Us Leni anad Us Agus.

Besides participating in many competitions, I was also often challenged to be confident to perform in public. I enjoyed the process so much that I can be as confident as I am now. Having participated in storytelling and show & tell competitions could make me more confident during presentations, which sometimes used English. Currently, the teacher who contributes to teaching me how to speak English patiently is Us Tyo.

The real exhibition is an exhibition event at the end of grade 6. In that event, I was able to apply all the ATL Skills (Approach to Learning Skills) that I had before. Not only I could use it well, but I could also feel my ATL skills improve greatly in this exhibition. The ATL skill that I used at that time was a research skill. In research skills, I looked for data to be able to strengthen what I wanted to learn. I took the topic of the womb because the womb was the only organ of the body that was taken by Asmaul Husna, Ar Rahim. So, I was very curious about it.

Rahim is also mentioned many times in the Qur’an, they are in QS Al Imron verse 6, Ar Ra’d verse 8 and Al Haj verse 5. Besides that, I see the death rate in women due to cervical cancer is the first killer of women. I browsed many sources to support my project. I was supported by Us Tiwuk as my HRT in grade 6. Maybe, the choice of this topic will be considered strange by some people, because I am a boy not ashamed to talk about female organs. But, I think this is not a problem for learning science has no limits.

The title for my exhibition was The Miracle of Womb. After I found a lot of data, I reported them to my mentor, Us Amik, so that she understood my plan and could help me complete my research. During this process, I was using my communication skills. This ability was very useful. I used this skill also when I had an interview to the resource person. I made a list of questions. Then, I met them one by one through the zoom meeting. There was only one of them that I met face to face.

The resource person I interviewed was dr. Firrar. She is an obstetrician from Banjar Baru Kalimantan. Now, distance is not a problem because I interviewed her through a zoom meeting. She is very smart in explaining the topic in detail. She was able to explain it very clearly. The second resource person in my research was a nurse who helped a lot with childbirth. I’m glad I can get knowledge about the womb.

After all the data was complete, I had the challenge to deliver this knowledge to the public. I made a flyer which I distributed via social media about how to maintain the health of women’s reproductive organs. In addition, I also made a video about how the womb works and how to maintain a healthy womb which I sent through social media.

The next step of my exhibition was making a product. I really wanted to make props for the womb. The reason was I saw many friends who had difficulty memorizing the womb because they did not see its form. Actually a digital props might be easier. But, I knew that not all the children in Indonesia had the internet connection. I made props from cement glued to wood. I learned how to make this through my 3rd resource person. He was a gardener who could make this product. This part was the hardest part because I had to repeat it many times to be able to make this props look like the original.

I also made the additional props in the form of sperm, ovum, morula, blastula, and fetuses of various ages. I also had to adjust the size to the original so that I could imagine that it was also the actual size. After everything was done, I handed the tool over to the science laboratory in Al Firdaus.

My communication skills did not stop there. There were still other challenges. I had to present my research to the public well during exhibitions. My exhibition presentation must use English. So, I also practiced my English skills. The thing that was difficult for me was not because of the presentation in English. However, the most difficult part was when I got a question in English and answered it in English too. The teacher who helped me much was Us Tyo. He assured me that I would be able to do the challenge well.

Oops, I almost forgot something. In this exhibition, I was also challenged to make a webinar event for the public. In this webinar, I was also as the committee. On this occasion, I felt that my communication skills have progressed rapidly.

Webinar Exhibition

Another ATL skill that I could apply was self-management skill. This skill taught me to be able to manage my own time in order to complete all stages on time. Currently, I’m learning to schedule my daily life so that my plans can run smoothly.

Besides ATL Skills, I have also developed some IB Learner profiles. One of them was Open Mind. With an open mind, I would be able to gain a lot of knowledge about the material. I had to be an open mind when I learnt about this organ. Everyone I contacted could give positive response. They could act that way because they were also open minded to what I learnt.

I also used the IB Learner Profile, Risk Taker. I was finally able to face many challenges because I had a risk taker, when I dared to use English language for presentations, and when I chose products that were difficult for me to share with other people and others.

Another IB learner profile that I applied was knowledgeable. With this IB learner profile, I could learn and combine one piece of information into the next, then keep looking for it. Then, I could also apply caring through this exhibition. I could pass information through the props to other people so they could know this information too.

Through this exhibition, I have gained many things. I know how to write a scientific paper. This is what I really need for the next level of school. Although it was tiring and there were many difficulties, I enjoyed every step of it. Seeing the results of what I made, I am very happy and proud. I wish I could do this more often.

Thank you Al Firdaus for making me smarter and braver to face many challenges. Now, I look forward to another challenge.